i finally organised my passport and now i will be ready to travel to new zealand next month!!!!
(this is me imagining all the mountains i will climb and all the adventures that lie ahead)


The mob at the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy are seeking funds for the #Genocidal20 protest week (November 8-16)! They have a target of $10,000 but they’re only at $2,500 right now. Please signal boost this link and donate if you can to help them reach their target! All funds will go towards things like transport for interstate guests, meals for the week, first aid services, buses to transport the sick, disabled, elderly and children to and from each rally throughout the week, toilets, showers and professional cleaners for these, professional security, professional fencing around the protest zone and for specific areas such as childcare and camping. Thanks!

"The truth should be told about what we did to Indigenous people, but also the truth about the benefit of civilisation"

Christopher Pyne on why an update is needed. It echoes Tony Abbotts comment on Indigenous people on Q&A back in 2010:

Now, I know that there are some Aboriginal people who aren’t happy with Australia Day. For them it remains Invasion Day. I think a better view is the view of Noel Pearson, who has said that Aboriginal people have much to celebrate in this country’s British Heritage’

Our current educational system is already a racist anglocentric account of Australian history that sanitises the invasion and colonisation of Australia. Australian textbooks still refer to white colonisation as a settlement and not an invasion. It still ignores the armed resistance of Indigenous tribes. It is light in recounting the wars that were fought. Most Australian students are still painfully unaware which tribe previously had ownership of the land that they reside on. Many are incapable of identifying an Aboriginal language. A sizeable proportion of the population are completely unaware of racist laws such as the Flora and Fauna Act that identified Indigenous people as flaura and fauna and not people as recently as 1967. I don’t think its possible to sanitise or further ignore Indigenous history and culture than we already do, white history is still front and centre of our current curriculum, the achievements of ‘white civilisation’ still exalted. If Australia wants to embrace its march towards a prosperous multicultural modern nation it needs to reflect on the racist and violent roots that have borne untold misery and torn Indigenous communities apart, not ignore it. 

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face of a boy who is not going to nepal(for the moment)

face of a boy who has, again, done his best to destroy the ligaments in his ankle

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25 hand painted shirts by Chris Milic.


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