in need of a haircut nd cigarettes

i realise that i have been a drag recently, or at least it feels that way… anyway i think i feel a wind behind my back. i rly love u guys nd i look forward to being constantly interested in the lives around me as well as many other things

see what has happened? i can barely remember a singular moment. i have gone to bed with my shoes and socks firmly on my feet. it seems that i have not drawn a breath for an hour; i cant remember the last time i did and now that i think about, it i am not sure i am able to regain that instinct. all is adrift of me. am i this out of touch?
all over i am as fresh and as vulnerable as the glassy pink skin that follows a wound. tender, entirely conductive. a static shock felt on the tip of my finger, leaping from say the handrail of an escalator, would spark lightning throughout my entire anatomy. what is known of fear is now unknown as if all my mind wished it vanish. i am weary and i cannot forget that. still i wonder, what if this was to stay? always so vague, always aloof. would it stay, would it rise on the back of the waves and greet me as spray as i sit on a fence near the shoreline, i might never move again.
i will welcome the fall. i can not look to the horizon at midday and curse the earth for not providing a sunrise. inexplicably, while i tattoo these messages on my palms, i drift. joining the first bush birds in song, seeing flames curl around lips of a loved one as they hold every string of your attention and pull you towards them, floating on your back in an ocean bath and examining the sky. these things move me, these things disorientate me. when the spinning of the subsequent intoxication recedes and there is again bitterness, i still have the taste in mouth, the burns on my fingers, the blood in my cheeks and the scent in my nose! oh what it is to be invigorated!

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RIP (Rest in Peaches)

i think ill crawl under a tree, lay my back against the trunk and shrivel up into a dead leaf by morning if u dnt mind. ill get caught in gust at daybreak and wake up in a new/dangerous place
goodnight(still love u all xxx)


Fragment of the face of a queen, yellow jasper, c. 1353–1336 B.C. Middle Egypt

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jonathan richman, i love hot nights

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'Beware, wide load'
truck overloaded with corn on the side of the road in the Somali capital

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I’ve always been a coward,
And I don’t know what’s good for me.

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